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Doki Doki
by Okada Rei
Indeed is a GREAT Day 
12th-Feb-2011 08:37 pm
Two years ago, while coming back from my last trip to Japan, I told my friends I'd got a feeling that in a year or two, between the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 we would see a former Junior band debut.

At that time, it had been a while Hey! Say! JUMP had debuted and started having their first tours gaining new fans, and we had already seen NYC Boys, and Yuma with B.I. Shadow... but not seen NYC debuted as an official trio yet. So the feeling I got, I tried to be reasonable and analize it and then I finally came to the conclusion it would be Kisumai or maybe Question the bands who could have the biggest chance to fill that 'debut' feeling I'd got. After that... I've got more guessings I won't tell now.

When the year 2010 was starting, I kept that feeling and I started rooting more for Kisumai to be the ones to debut, but then they decided to make NYC an official trio and I thought we wouldn't see a debut happening until 2011, and that the more time passed the less oportunities Question had to be the ones filling the spot.

On summer, when they were cast to appear in that butai (competing against other Junior's), I got again my hopes up to see that 'feeling' happening soon, after Countdown. And so I kept feeling we would see it coming when Kisumai made a guest feature at the end of the year's Countdown. It was that much security I had that I've been comenting I knew for sure we would see them debuting some time soon for three weeks now XD And my friends can tell you that.

Just three days ago, I told the same to michannosekai and suikascented telling the whole guessing story I'd got two years ago, and basing my beliefs into last Countdown.

And TODAY, I've finally got the news. I've skipped them earlier while checking out my Friends Page, so it was suikascented and lihuen who told me about it, and I went extremely happy. Not only for having guessed that would happen, but also because I've got friends who've been supporting them from a long long time ago.

Kisumai fans this is your day, and sure you'll remember it forever. I also felt like crying when I knew about their debut, because this means not all the former junior bands go to waste, and that after seeing a lot of younger boys debut before them, these guys have got the chance they deserved.

I will still hold my hopes to see Question up there one day, but for them it will always be even harder. But now, Kisumai is bringing us a little bit of hope. I'm sure that AVEX will now exactly what to do with them, I'm not in my best moment, and I don't have a job, but I'm going to purchase a copy of their first single, because I believe this is what we must do if we believe in Junior's who've worked for ages deserve to have their official debut.


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