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Doki Doki
by Okada Rei
Wake Desire ~ 
31st-Dec-2010 01:10 pm
Tonight (in Japan) is my favourite Johnny's performance of the year :D
Only if the agency doesn't spoil it like 2008's one (2008-2009) when they cornered my beloved senpais making them appear like som old guest stars... ehem.

Last Year's was epic, Kanjani did their best and cracked us all up, while Inocchi and Kokubun kept their pace as being the best jokers of the night.

My guessings and wonders for tonight's... being again Kanjani at Kyocera and appart of the rest (and Uchi T_T )

-Exactly how long it'll take to my fantastic duo (Kokubun and Inocchi) to stick together on stage and start making funny moves, lovely fan-service poses, and jokes to other Johnny's.

-Will Maru be as hyped as he was in 2008??? (That was one of the few great things of that night).

-Will be Toma singing?

-Will we see the whole new debuted members before 12 am???  (since there are too many new units with underage members XD)

-Will Nagase show us his special power-stage???

-Will be TOKIO members harrassing their kouhais like Arashi or News???

-Will be Okada smiling or he'll be as moody as he was in 2008?

-Will be V6 members doing something funny like when they harrased Takki and Tsubasa three years ago?

-Will be groups exchanging songs? In that case: What will be this year's Kanjani spoiled-hit? Last Year One Love was epic!!!

-Will be Uchi performing long time enough?

-Will be Kanjani members surrounding Ryo whenever News has to perform away at Dome?

-Will be seeing sexy Higashiyama, or we'll have to bare another year with the old but sweet Nicky?

-I guess Takki's at the theatre again... but... Will be Tsubasa there? Or he'll be running from Dome's like last year?

-Will be uncle Tsuyoshi moody as last year's? We missed his jokes T_T

-Will be Nino messing up with his senpais? Or he'll start doing it to his kouhais now?

-Will be Inocchi participating in some random solo song and giving us the best dance moves like two years ago with Daite Señorita?

-Will be seeing Seishun Amigo with random couples?

-Will be Riida Joushima lipsynching at Kouhai's songs to not let us know he doesn't know the lyrics?

And sure there are more wonders... but I stop here now.

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!
31st-Dec-2010 12:32 pm (UTC)
Takki should be on the theatre and better he will NOT go to party and sleep there, he has abunai ropes to clim tomorrow XDDD

Happy new year!!
31st-Dec-2010 01:23 pm (UTC)
si es igual de bueno que el año pasado, creo que ya me conformo XD

feliz año nuevo~
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