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Doki Doki
by Okada Rei
17th-Nov-2010 10:44 pm
今私は忙しくて能力試験のために、勉強してるんだから… でも、岡田君のお誕生日忘れられませんでした!それから、「UPSIDE-DOWN」の絵を描いた。

Well, the mess I've got right now in my head is too much to write anything right in Japanese, but I tried... XD Too much new stuff to learn... but I cannot skip Okada's Birthday, ne? You cannot skip your ichiban, specially after not being able to bake a cacke for my protégè Hiroki-kun this year... (I'm gonna bake one this weeked, to make up U_U ).

I've drawn some stuff related to that crazy fanfic I started two years ago (and I'm still writing), you know... that one that's as long as a novel (mostly because I don't know how to write a fic ??? XD) and has an absurd start plot... and NO YAOI init ... XD and features a lot of my friends and people I know and that wanted to see their fantasies come true (in a fic, at least...) but couldn't because, as a writer, I always let my characters do as they please...

*Note that I'm not a cartoon drawer, nor anything closest to an artist XD*

I'm gonna celebrate it big style, so drawings go here... and FIC's re-posted with 2 NEW VOLUMES in my new Typepad (Old VOX). GET IT HERE

I haven't writen these last volumes now, I've done them last summer under the pressure of four evil fangirls, who happen to be four of my proof readers... a lot of my OTHER proof readers haven't got this one yet, so is a NEW SURPRISE RELEASE... and don't expect a new volume soon, because NOKEN test comes First (even If I'm meant to fail it).

My dear Okatchi, have a wonderful day, and be happy to turn 30 that amazingly fine.... :D


The most troublesome couple of Upside-Down: Rei & Evil Okada...

Rei's so strict when it comes to dancing... so Okada has to practice harder... and he gets pissed off...

Okada gets tooo psycho and hates and hates and hates, and pushes, and blames, and yells... well, you must read to know why XD

Rei & that Psycho get into fights every now and then... Okada-kun thinks his manager's a B*TCH But... something happens...
Why does Okada-kun change his mind????? Too much chapters to sum it up in this post ¬¬

So... you must read to know what trully happens there... PLUS Theirs is not the only story... Upside-Down is filled with sweet sillyness, crazyness, madness and anything -ness-ish XD

BIG SPÒILER, DON'T WATCH IF U HAVEN'T READ 'TIL VOL IV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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